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RAWA commented in the Mysterium chat as we were watching the closing session today:

RAWA: "Not sure if this has been released: ti-ko-leet - tiKolEt - adj. sorrowful, sorry (i.e "I'm sorry.")"

(I said "wow, @RAWA_Cyan, thanks!")

RAWA: "If that one's been released, try (b)zoo-doo - zUDU - v. to regret."

RAWA: "Sorry for not being prepared yesterday."

(RIUM+ said "I'm going to say that both these words have been released and you should totally give us a third. But I honestly haven't checked")

RAWA: "The first has been in the dictionary a long time, but may have never been confirmed. the second, I just researched this morning."

(I said, "Thanks, @RAWA_Cyan, people will be thrilled")

RAWA: "Glad to be of service"

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