Guild of Linguists

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Shorah, and welcome to the Guild of Linguists!

The Guild of Linguists is an open community of students, scholars, teachers, and explorers brought together by a passion for the intricate and beautiful languages of the world!

The Guild works to enhance the experience of explorers working on the Restorations of D'ni through the study and research of non-Earth languages encountered during the Restorations in a supportive and collaborative community setting. Like the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship before us, we recognize the fundamental importance of language in all cultures, and believe that a strong background in language is not only instructive but essential for a complex and comprehensive understanding of foreign cultures.

While our primary focus is on the D'ni language and those encountered through the Cavern of D'ni, the Guild of Linguists also supports endeavors into researching and supporting other con-langs, natural languages, and offers support for making your own languages and writing systems.

Visit our Forums for the latest Conversations and News on what's going on, both in the Cavern and here in the surface world. Feel free to ask for help and support on your own projects. We also provide a library of resources that will help in your language studies.

!shorah gah choortahvtee rahm

(Welcome, and good studies!)

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